Jasmyn Stokes

Illustration, BFA

Art History & Visual Culture
Our Footprints. Our Legacy.
Inspired by the world around them, both visible and invisible to the naked eye, Jasmyn Stokes creates illustrations that visually enhance our perception of life and what is within ourselves and reflect the universe outside of one’s self. In their thesis, they use digital media and research to reimagine what we cannot perceive by taking a look at the history of our galaxy and visualizing it. During their time here at PCA&D, Jasmyn was a finalist in the Senior Show Exhibition Branding Competition where they presented their work to a panel of art directors. Jasmyn was also a part of The Agency which offered an internship opportunity. During their time in The Agency, they worked as both an illustrator and head researcher for the group. In 2020, Jasmyn helped co-found BLAC (Black Led Artist Coalition), a black student organization at PCA&D.