Kendall White

Illustration, BFA

Art History & Visual Culture
Our Footprints. Our Legacy.
Using her love of faux nostalgia, ’90s music, and analogous color palettes, Kendall White crafts dreamlike worlds with a dark twist. Through her digital illustrations, she blends her love of the macabre with bright color palettes and portraiture to evoke emotion. Inspired by some of her own experiences, Kendall’s senior thesis explores the early internet and the danger of communicating with strangers online. The story follows clues left behind by the missing protagonist and pieces together what truly happened to them.

During her time at PCA&D, Kendall worked on various collaborative projects and exhibitions including the “Dog in a Cowboy Hat” zine, “While I Breathe I Hope,” “Works Cited,” and “We the People.” She was a founding member of PCA&D’s CORE Gallery and of BLAC (Black Led Artist Coalition) the College’s black student union. After graduation, Kendall plans to work as a freelance illustrator in the surface design and publishing industries.