Mark Shyshkovskyy

Photography & Video, BFA

Business in Creative Industry
Our Footprints. Our Legacy.
Inspired by photographers such as Petra Collins and Ryan McGinley, Shyshkovskyy’s thesis explores the transitional period between childhood and adulthood. Shyshkovskyy captures youth culture within his own group of friends. He offers an unfiltered look into the lives of young adults who are experiencing and investigating love, addiction, and religion. His thesis challenges the viewer to reminisce on their own experiences and memories from their youth.

Shyshkovskyy’s work has been exhibited in the all-student show in the Main PCA&D Gallery and participated in the PCA&D – ZAYED Cultural Exchange Photography Blog. He is currently working with the Lancaster fashion boutique CHYATEE, which specializes and handmade fashion from around the world. Aside from school and his internship, he has also been volunteering as a photographer with the Ukraine Refugee Aid Fund, which is a non-profit organization that provides evacuation services, temporary housing, and accommodation to Ukrainian refugees seeking asylum in the States.