Olivia Koziel

Photography & Video, BFA

Art History and Visual Culture
Our Footprints. Our Legacy.
Olivia Koziel creates photographs and videos that are reminiscent of Baroque paintings. Koziel’s work invites viewers to experience the complicated infractions brought on others by organized groups, with a focus on dangerous religious cult-like practices. She questions the normative and the way cultural practices can morph into something confusing, strange, or harmful.

Koziel’s work was featured in “The International Center for Photography For the #ICPConcerned” exhibition in New York City. Her work has also been included in numerous exhibitions in PCA&D’s CORE Gallery, such as the “2022 Women’s Month Show,” and “Phantasmagoria.” Her work was featured in the PCA&D Main Gallery in the 2022 All Student Show. Her most recent group exhibition was “Death & Rebirth” in the Hayden Gallery. Koziel’s work was published in “Shots Magazine” Fall 2021 Issue: “Rebels and Renegades.” She has participated in multiple international photography exchanges with students at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi.