Sabrina Worthington

Photography & Video, BFA

Our Footprints. Our Legacy.
Through fine art photography, Sabrina Worthington questions the girl experience through a feminist gaze. She introspectively examines self-image, beauty standards, femininity, and loss of innocence while navigating the transition between childhood and becoming a woman. This body of work, while deeply personal, observes and critiques the broader pressures placed upon women. It encourages the viewer to reflect on the standards and representations of women in addition to the way in which they form and follow one through life.

Worthington transferred to PCA&D in 2021, where she has had the opportunity to show her photographic works in several exhibitions including The CORE Gallery show “Walking on Eggshells”.

She served as the Vice President of LUX, a student-run photography organization, where she had the opportunity to jury a student exhibition. Worthington has also participated in the international photography exchange blog with students at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi.