Sadie Berndt

Illustration, BFA

Our Footprints. Our Legacy.
The human body is more than a vessel; it carries our hopes, dreams, and regrets. Sadie Berndt, as an illustrator, wishes to paint the world in an ethereal light. Using muted colors with a natural tint to evoke an organic feeling, their work touches on the beauty of the human body, femininity, identity, and queerness. They draw inspiration from mythology to create contemporary stories that play with the notion of gender and sense of self. Through mixed media, Sadie’s thesis incorporates their family history, while also playing with their personal beliefs surrounding gender expression and the desire to feel at home with their ancestors.

Sadie’s accomplishments include being a member of a finalist team for the Senior Show & Celebration competition and working for PCA&D’s The Agency with local clients like Glenn Hope Care Farm. After graduating, they plan to travel, bring their art to new horizons, and continue working with clients.