Xenon Honchar

Illustration, BFA

Art History and Visual Culture, General Humanities
Our Footprints. Our Legacy.
Xenon is a species of freshwater illustrator further known as Xenia Honchar all of which are a part of the Honchar family. The word illustrator is used to specify this specific species’ love of comic art, bright colors, and overall busy artwork. The name Xenon is a part of the 2023 graduating Illustration class alongside other freshwater non-salmonid species. Xenon is found in a freshwater habitat creating comics, drawing food and living the best possible life as a finalist for the Senior Show & Celebration competition. Xenon has shown work in many galleries over their college career. Xenon will normally feed off and find inspiration from comedy and horror equally, but are known to thrive off of constant breakfast sandwich consumption. Xenon is a soft- bodied aquatic invertebrate creating a curated book collection for their thesis by redesigning the book jackets and insides of five body horror-centric works.