Group 1 Concept Project

Design Thinking

Zihide Fields

Nyrus Morris-Hayes

Keyron Crummel

We are three individual artists who have been able to meet one another thanks to art that we love and have pursued to greater heights to achieve mastery in the craft. In pursuit of this mastery, we have successfully been able to go to college to further our knowledge and connections in the art world.

Though higher education is difficult, we believe the true challenge is trying to find work within the arts. For art-related jobs in the modern age, it has become the standard that you must have some skills that the industry can universally use, for example, Photoshop or an application that can adapt to Photoshop.

This project that we created gives students who are pursuing further education a chance to experience a glimpse into what the industry expects them to know, learn, and use after their education is complete to further their knowledge whilst searching for employment.

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