Abe Peña

Animation & Game Art, BFA

Minors in Art History & Visual Culture and Fine Art
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Thesis Project

“The Stain” is a 3D animated piece that emerged from my inner drive to create something deeply meaningful. In a peculiar way, this artwork has become a visual representation of my irrational fears, allowing me to give them shape and form, ultimately aiding in my quest for understanding and acceptance. Through its creation, “The Stain” has transformed into a symbol of personal growth and self-discovery, surpassing the impact of my other works. It delves into the pervasive nature of fear, an emotion inherent in all living beings (perhaps with the exception of geese). While we are encouraged to confront our fears, it’s crucial to acknowledge that fear is a natural survival instinct that has been instrumental in our species’ existence, a truth often overlooked in our modern teachings.

Abraham Peña is an animator, visual artist, and editor. Born and raised in Venezuela, driven by passion for the craft, he takes pride in providing the best service possible. As an animator, his goals include growing his network, and opening his own studio. In addition to his primary job functions, Abraham has been recognized by his peers for his extraordinary commitment to detail.

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