Alexander J. Smith

Photography & Video, BFA

Minors in Animation & Game Art, Creative Writing, and General Humanities
Thesis Project

Inspired by tales of mythology, folklore, and fantasy, Alexander J. Smith has envisioned their otherworldly characters. Being influenced by composite photographers Erik Johansson and Jess (@jessterific), he has combined photography with compositing to make these fantastical beings accessible to the viewer. Alexander’s thesis explores the propensity of humans across time to lean into the supernatural. He paints with light and judiciously incorporates AI-generated pixels to create these composites through the power of Photoshop. Alexander challenges the viewer to contemplate the juxtaposition of modernity with characters from legends of old in Connections Across Time.

Alexander’s work has been exhibited at PCA&D: All-Student (Main Gallery), Anthology (Department exhibition space), Essentials Connection (Core Gallery), and Reflections and Refractions (Exterior building projections). Since October 2021, his work has been consistently displayed in the PCA&D – ZAYED International Photography Exchange. As an intern, he served as a wildlife-nature photographer for the Lake Roland Nature Council, a non-profit organization; his work has been regularly featured as the Photo of the Month in their online newsletter since September 2023.

204 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603 717.396.7833

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