Alivia Haltom

Fine Art, BFA

Minors in Art History & Visual Culture and General Humanities
Thesis Project

My art exists within the space between decay and new growth by transforming found and fibrous materials into forms inspired by the growth of mold and fungi. Modeled after the adaptability of mold, the sculptures allow for rearrangement into various formations or convergence into a singular entity. This interplay serves as a contemplative exploration of our collective and individual responses to the ceaseless forces of decay, urging viewers to reflect on their relationship with the acceptance of grief. The soft textures bring a sense of comfort but there is apprehension to the bi-product of death and decay. Adorned with playful colors and textures, there is the glimpse of hope and new growth through this process of transfiguration.

Alivia Haltom is a Midwest-based artist interested in large-scale fiber sculptures and printmaking. Her current body of work explores the space and change that exists between death and new growth by transforming found and fibrous materials into figures and abstract forms. She is inspired by the growth of mold and fungi using modular sculptures by needle felting, quilting, as well as elements incorporating the printmaking process of photo etching. Alivia’s work has been shown in the Kavanaugh Gallery at Fine Line Creative Arts Center in DeKalb, Illinois.

204 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603 717.396.7833

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