Alyssa Rulli

Graphic Design, BFA

Minor in Art History & Visual Culture
Thesis Project

Alyssa Rulli is a graphic designer who enjoys learning about new design elements and implementing them into her work. She has recently developed a growing interest in professional bowling which can be seen in her thesis. Her brother, Anthony, ignited her initial interest in the sport. As a regular bowler in leagues, she has observed several issues in the general bowling alley environment and is determined to create solutions for them. Alyssa employs the Adobe Creative Suite to create a cohesive brand and professional bowling environment for her fictional bowling alley. She has produced a range of assets, including a logo, a bowling ethics card, road signage, indoor wall graphics, custom bowling pins, and other deliverables.

I am a graphic designer that is passionate about hand lettering and creating graphics that replicate life. Though most of my focus is on graphic design, my passion for art still extends to recreating realism with graphite on paper. Initially, I chose to pursue fine art when I entered PCA&D. I rethought my decision before declaring my major because I enjoyed working digitally, but I didn’t think I knew enough about the software to be confident in my ability to create work. I really sat on this decision for a while. After studying the world around me, I made up my mind. I was eager to learn and that ultimately swayed my decision. Having the opportunity to add graphic design to my skill set has opened many doors for me. I have participated in the America250PA DEIC where I helped the PCA&D team place second.

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