Amanda Choong

Graphic Design, BFA

Thesis Project

In this field, being a graphic designer is a very broad title. I could be anything from the brand designer to the photographer, editor, or printer. This is the main reason I chose to become a graphic designer. It allows me the freedom to utilize many of my skills without having to be stuck doing one particular thing since I love working with my hands and I always have a new hobby lined up for myself.
My senior thesis is based on my middle school dream: To design my own shirts and produce them with screen printing. I created my brand around alternative fashion and the “bubble-up theory” which was coined by George Field. The bubble-up theory within alternative fashion is the idea of how alternative fashion started in the lower class and has slowly bubbled up to the wealthy. I want to bring back cheaper alternative clothes that are more affordable and go back to the roots of alternative fashion where the lower class decided not to follow the fashion of the wealthy and to wear whatever they wanted. It was about being anti-consumerism and going against conformity, hence my saying, “Wear what you want, do what you want..”

Amanda Choong is a Graphic Designer who has a background in fine art. In her free time, she is working on a kinesthetic hobby and finding a new skill to learn. Amanda uses her background in fine art to implement into her graphic design work, adding a personal handmade feel. As a jack of all trades, she loves to fill her basket with an assortment of skills like design, painting, screen printing, drawing, sculpting, video production, photography, web development, and more.

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