April Davenport

Design Thinking, BA

Concentrations in Fine Art and Graphic Design

Her roots are deeply embedded in a family of artists and crafters, which has been the cornerstone of her journey in seeking a unique identity as a creator across multiple mediums. Overcoming numerous obstacles, her path resonates with the essence of her Design Thinking major—a discipline that has profoundly shaped her approach to creation and innovation.

In her freelance career, she has consistently applied the principles of Design Thinking to her work, which spans from sewing empowering handmade clothing for girls to exploring other mediums such as mixed media painting, photography, graphic design, and sculpting Design Thinking (research). Her photography captures life’s moments, ranging from portraits and still life to events and landscapes.

Design Thinking has taught me to tackle complex, undefined challenges by deeply understanding human needs, re-framing problems in human-centric ways, and engaging in extensive brainstorming sessions. This methodology extends into my hands-on approach to prototyping and testing, ensuring that my creations not only meet but exceed client expectations. By empathizing with clients and stakeholders, I gain insightful perspectives on their needs and challenges, leading to ideation and prototyping of innovative solutions that resonate with the intended audience. The iterative nature of Design Thinking allows for the refinement of solutions, culminating in functional and aesthetically pleasing designs that leave a lasting impression.

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