Christy Benedek

Animation & Game Art, BFA

Minor in Art History & Visual Culture
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Thesis Project

In her thesis film, Benedek utilizes 3D models in a flat-shaded style to resemble more of a 2D look, she studied vector art. Benedek is responsible for animating, rigging, and modeling the characters and world. This film is centered on two alien food truckers who fight over one remaining parking spot in an out of this world race. Production took place in the Fall of 2023 and ended in May of 2024. Animation techniques that were utilized in the film were 3D animation. Benedek went with a flat-shaded rendering style to accomplish more of a 2D-looking style. Benedek’s main intention of the film is to make you laugh. Throughout production, Benedek ran into a lot of challenges. But not letting that discourage Benedek she carried through and finished this film phenomenally. Benedek had a lot of fun creating this film and is very proud of how it turned out. She hopes that you enjoy watching this film as much as she did making it.

Benedek loves to have fun with her art, her main mission for you the viewer is to make you laugh, and to have a good time. Before attending PCA&D, Benedek was awarded a PCA&D Promising Artist scholarship, a PCA&D Portfolio scholarship, and a PCA&D Institutional grant. Benedek has gone on to win an honorary mention in the PCA&D t-shirt competitions in both 2022 and 2023. Benedek has made it onto the Dean’s List every semester while attending PCA&D.

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