Erica Haas

Illustration, BFA

Thesis Project

Art to me has always been about bringing something to life, making the unseen seen. I love to play around in a world that has no boundaries or limits and share it with the people around me. The one thing that always gets my imagination ramped-up is music, which leads me to my thesis project. I decided to illustrate a song that resonated with me during 2023, a very challenging year in my life. The song “Bullets” is a lesser-known song by the well-known artist, Passenger, and tells a beautiful and heartbreaking story. I turned the song into a visual comic and allowed myself to take some creative liberties while illustrating it, adding some personal takeaways that I got from the song when I listened to it for the first time. My hope is to bring more attention to the long-lasting effects trauma has on someone, no matter their age, and how deeply that can influence every part of someone’s life. I also hope to bring more attention to this artist’s music and the intricate stories he has told throughout the years that have sadly been overshadowed by his more popular songs.

Erica Haas is an illustrator who enjoys telling stories through comic books. With inspiration from the song “Bullets” by Passenger released in 2014 as a part of the “Whispers” album, Erica has illustrated a fourteen-page comic based on the story. Her goal through this project is to acknowledge how trauma impacts a person’s life no matter their age, as well as bring attention to Passengers older music and stories that have been overshadowed by his more popular songs throughout the years.

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