Gavin Goss

Illustration, BFA

Minors in Creative Writing, General Humanities, and Literature
Thesis Project

Through physical and digital illustration processes, Gavin Goss explores the personification of Nu Metal music through editorial portraits. His works dive into the possibilities of illustration and discovering the process of degradation in art. Gavin Goss uses his knowledge of the NuMetal he grew up with and researches how the music came to fruition. Using messy materials such as ink and inexpensive drawing paper, he then scans drawings and performs unconventional printing processes for the final image. His thesis collages together a documentation of the Nu Metal experience through profiles of famous musicians. His inspiration of style came from a comic book artist, Jeff Lemire.

Gavin plans to get a teaching degree in English after graduation and fulfill writing and drawing as his two favorite passions and continue in creative work.

204 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603 717.396.7833

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