Hannah Aust

Photography & Video, BFA

Minors in Art History & Visual Culture, Business in Creative Industry, and General Humanities
Thesis Project

Hannah Aust uses photography and video to explore the warmth and nostalgia of family and home. Through visual storytelling, Aust conveys the depth of familial bonds and the significance of cherished moments. Using film and digital photography, she focuses on the mundane yet joyful moments. Photographing family is a way for Aust to express visually what she can’t always say verbally. Aust is encouraging viewers to reminisce about their own meaningful encounters and create a personal connection between the viewer and the work.

Aust transferred to PCA&D in 2021, where she has had the opportunity to participate in the international photography exchange blog with students at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi. She has also shown her photographic works in the Hayden Gallery’s show “Home,” as well as a transfer student show. In 2023 Aust had the opportunity to show photographs in the “University Student Show: Emerging Perspectives” in the PL130 Gallery in Philadelphia.

204 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603 717.396.7833

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