Kelby Weaver

Illustration, BFA

Thesis Project

My thesis work displays both my illustrative and fine art tendencies, as well as the exploration of oil paint with a modernist flare. These pieces were created as a direct response to my feelings to the chosen speakers after extensively listening to their stories from the non profit organization The Moth radio hour. Each story and speaker is varied in experience, but are all vibrant in personality and telling their tales, so I wanted the illustrations to reflect that quality. To present these portraits properly, I felt it necessary to learn how to assemble frames to showcase these individuals with dignity and professionalism. In the portraits, I ensured the expression chosen was accurate to the emotion found in each of the tales they shared. The palette I chose was to ensure I represented the speakers’ personalities with off-kilter and jovial colors.

Through his traditional and mixed media images, Kelby Weaver is an artist living in Lancaster, Pa that has with his emphasis on the traditional approach to illustration and hopes to make work that builds emotional connection between subject and viewer regardless of client, subject or composition. Their works endeavor to redefine the self and the role belonging plays in the emotional wellbeing of an artist. He was accepted into the group exhibition Home at PCA&D this year in 2024 and a solo show Rock Lititz Show – Rock Lititz-Group Show- 2023

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