Keyron Crummel

Design Thinking, BA

Concentrations in Illustration and Photography & Video
Thesis Project

My landscapes intend for the viewers to be immersed in the world that I make and wonder about it. I’ve been making my worlds using digital media, trying to make them so adventurous that it feels like a simpler time. I take inspiration from anything I see, so I can try out different styles to figure out the best from emulating the worlds in my mind. The first thing I want viewers to see is all the interesting core components I add to my works so they can question why and how it’s there. I want my work to awe viewers with the vast, deep environments. My work uses mainly small shapes to make a bigger picture with value and lines as accents. I want my work to be showcased on a website or social media platform where you can view the world building that I create in each work I do.
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Keyron Crummel is both an illustrator and photographer, and uses these skills to pursue a Design Thinking degree. He enjoys landscape drawings and shooting still life photography. Design Thinking helps him explore more talents he has. He absorbs everything he sees to learn new techniques to add to their arsenal. Keyron is using all the knowledge he has to hone his environmental designs and make new worlds to explore.

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