Lauren Ulmer

Illustration, BFA

Thesis Project

The project I chose for Senior Thesis is illustrating classic fairy tales. The stories I chose are Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood. They’re two of my favorite fairy tale stories, and my goal was to represent them in a way that they would appear in a children’s book. I chose limited color palettes for each of them, and focused on how to use those colors to set tone, mood, and depth. I also spent a lot of time organizing the layout of my images, and selecting which scenes would best represent the stories. Designing the scenes was a challenge, and I did my best to make sure the characters and settings in each image were as dynamic and interesting as I could make them. Working on this project has helped me develop my illustration skills further, and have a better understanding of how much more I can do with the medium.

My name is Lauren Ulmer. I’m an artist by nature, and I’ve always been inspired by the world around me. I find myself mostly drawn to drawing people, especially characters from popular media or from my own imagination. Art has grounded me in my life, and also allows me to explore myself and wander without limits. At PCAD I’ve found an amazing community that I can be myself around, and find even more creative inspiration and influence. I’m anxious about leaving, but I look forward to the projects and new things that will come with life after graduation. I’m so grateful for the beauty that art brings to my life, and for the people and communities that have supported me in my love of art.

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