Nate Lawrence

Design Thinking, BA

Concentrations in Illustration and Graphic Design

Nathaniel Lawrence’s work is centered around the story he’s creating that is focused on the themes of family, friendship, and found family. Lawrence uses the digital medium to explore found family and its effect on people. Through his digital art and storytelling, Lawrence displays work that relates to the thesis of how found family and friendship can help develop deep romantic feelings among friends. Lawrence’s artwork focuses on the theme of found family. Through the digital medium, Lawrence questions the idea of found family and its effects on people. Using a cute art style, Lawrence’s thesis collection examines found families.

The goal of his thesis project is to display artwork and character descriptions of his original characters that convey the theme of found family. Lawrence has participated in an after school program in high school. Which was called the Mural Arts Program and was a program that centered around making Philadelphia more beautiful through making murals across different buildings. There he assisted in the creation of two murals, one of which was displayed on a building next to his old high school. He has also participated in a summer program called Digistart Art. Which was a summer art program, where students went to Temple’s art school branch and completed various art projects. Lawrence is influenced by his childhood shows and books. He plans to work at Disney to produce and create his own animated show based on his original characters.

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