Nicole Wesoloski

Fine Art, BFA

Thesis Project

My work explores ideas based on introspection and reflection on the human experience. Through the play of visual absurdity I am able to convey ideas of how fast time changes by blurring the lines between printmaking and sculpture. Through these experiences, I aim to capture the ephemeral nature of time and how it can alter and shape our existence in unexpected ways. I do this through the use of my materials and viewer interaction with the work and it serves as a reminder of the powerful transformative effect that time can bring. I strive to provoke thought through playful (whimsical) (unsettling playfulness) (Or better describer) imagery. Humans communicate with each other through interaction = doing that with my pieces = how much time you spend with it.

Nicole Wesoloski is a Fine Artist receiving her BFA from Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. During her time at PCA&D, she primarily worked with the mediums of printmaking and sculpture. The process behind her work is just as important as the final product. Her work explores themes based on introspection and reflection on the human experience. This idea can be demonstrated by skewing visual expectations of everyday items. By presenting her works as a mixed media installation, she invites the viewer to reimagine the environment of her space and objects.

204 N Prince St, Lancaster, PA 17603 717.396.7833

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