Nyrus Morris-Hayes

Design Thinking, BA

Concentrations in Illustration and Graphic Design

I have always seen artists as part of a cycle, we get inspired, we create, we inspire others, they get inspired, they create and then the cycle moves on. It’s this cycle that motivates me to continue creating. My drive for wanting to leave my mark. I enjoy both traditional and digital mediums to utilize in my works, both to have their own ways of displaying the fun and energetic vibes I aim in my works.

My inspiration for creating my works is heavily in notes of nostalgia and the many feelings that come with partaking in it. Many who think of nostalgia are thinking mostly of the positive notes but what we forget is that it can also be sad and bittersweet. That balance of positive and bittersweet emotions is what my work focuses on. I aim to display that journey of emotions. Particularly the bittersweet realization that there’s a piece of them that unfortunately they’ll never get back, the grief that one could go through in that process, and the eventual acceptance of that fact.

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