Rachel Clough

Graphic Design, BFA

Thesis Project

The idea for Cloth of the Land sprouted in the summer of 2023; Rachael was wrapping up her internship at The Agency during the hottest year on record. She thought the hopeless attitudes surrounding climate change did nothing to encourage Americans to curb it. Instead, she proposed a more positive approach rooted in traditional American values. Cloth of the Land aims to present the action of planting native flowers through the lens of individuality, friendship, and pride for your state. The acrylic paints used to create the visuals draw back to vintage stamps, postcards, and illustrations. After months of design and development, it’s amazing to see what this idea blossomed into!

Rachael Clough found herself at an unlikely position in high school – she went to learn programming, but fell in love with graphic design instead. After getting a solid foundation at the Delaware College of Art and Design, she transferred to PCAD to continue her education, intern at The Agency, and win an American Package Design Award from Graphic Design USA. Little did she know though that PCAD would also reignite her zest for writing code, and hopes to accomplish both dreams as a UX/UI designer, and front-end developer.

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