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Name Title Phone Ext.
Michael Molla President x 1011
Amy Gaston Executive Assistant to the President x 1020
Jason Hartz Chief of Staff x 1088
Maria Provencher Dean of Students x 1025
Carol Descak Dean of Admissions x 1022
Rebecca Adey Assistant Director of Admissions x 1027
Fiona Fackler Assistant Director, Candidate Experience & Enrollment Systems x 1035
Osmyn Oree Admissions Counselor x 1039
Nathalie Pacheco Admissions Counselor x 1057
James Helwig Admissions Counselor x 1001
Julya Nichols Admissions Event & Program Coordinator x 1090
Bonnie Kern Admissions Transfer & Outreach Coordinator x 1014
Dan Helwig Vice President for Development x 1088
Collin Holder Executive Director of External Affairs x 1097
Natalie Lascek Director of Center for Creative Exploration x 1036
Salina Almanzar-Oree Center for Creative Exploration Program Coordinator x 1019
Rachel Yinger Center for Creative Exploration Program Coordinator, Pre-College & Adult Enrichment x 1069
Leyna Gilleland Director of Residential Life & Housing and Title IX Coordinator x 1081
Carissa Massey Provost x 1049
Linda King Brown Dean of Faculty & Academic Affairs x 1053
Vincent Frank II Director of Financial Aid & Student Employment x 1013
Hannah Warner Registrar x 1099
Elizabeth Palmer Bennett Vice President of Finance & Administration x 1015
Michele Wherley Human Resources & Administration Manager x 1033
Yashira Toro Disbursements Coordinator x 1034
Marisol Clements Bursar x 1016
Laura Gaughan Interim Director of the Center of Teaching & Learning x 1021
Justin Phillips Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs x 1021
Caitlin Downs Director of the Writing Center x 1021
Daina Savage Vice President of Strategic Communications x 1017
Jen Kopf Director of Public Relations x 1087
Alex Schaufele Director of Exhibitions x 1079
Hylon Plumb Database & System Administration x 1078
Dan Freiler Director of Physical Plant x 1023