Student Achievement Data

The College is committed to the success of every student. PCA&D offers a full range of services to support learning, creative exploration, and success, both on campus and also for the lives of our alumni. These include academic and career support services through The Learning Commons and Career Services.

PCAD 2022 Graduation

In Fall 2023, 118 students made the Dean’s List. Their average grade point average was 3.79. The following reflects the percentage of students in each cohort who were recognized for their academic achievement.

Foundation 39 33.05%
Sophomore 22 18.64%
Junior 30 25.42%
Senior 27 22.88%
Total 118  

The College’s Completion, Persistence, and Retention team–composed of administrative leaders, staff, and faculty–have worked together to rethink, improve, and expand retention efforts to shift away from a “keeping students” view of retention to a “student-learning/student-success centered” view of these efforts. The Completion, Persistence, and Retention system looks holistically at students and involves the efforts and contributions of nearly every campus office.  The shift in focus precipitated by retention’s evolution at PCA&D moves retention focus, through the CPR lens, upstream in a student’s experience. This move entails deploying diagnostic tools such as early alert surveys and anonymized analysis of midterm grades to identify early indicators of student needs as well as risk and allow the Academic Affairs and Student Life teams to quickly deploy intervention mentoring and programming to meet those needs.

Students receiving student success support over the past three semesters.

Supported students bar chart

Academic persistence areas in which the College offered support, mentorship, and tutoring.

Academic Persistence Areas pie chart

Overall retention rate, over three fiscal years.

Retention Rate line graph

Fall to Spring retention over the past 4 years.

Retention Rate line graph

The graduation rate for students completing a degree in 6 years, or 150% of the time to degree completion.Graduation Rate line chart

The following table and chart display the first destination survey results for the Class of 2022. Data was compiled in April and May 2022. The response rate was 33 out of 46 graduates or 72%.

Employed by Other 19
Graduate School 2
Fellowship/Residency 2
Self-Employed/Freelance 10

Career Data pie chart

Graphic Designers at Apple

Replacement Animation Tester at Laika, LLC.

Junior Package Designer

Graphic Designer at Chartwells Higher Education

Freelance Illustrator works for Dungeons and Dragons/Magic the Gathering

Business Owner Art for Everyone

Illustration for Lego in Denmark

Co-owner of Decades Restaurant and Game Destination

Instructional Course Design for Geneia

Contract Designer at Linden Hall

Game Artist at Rovio Studios in Helsinki

Business Owner/Designer Go Rabbit Design

Studio Photographer in NYC

Co-owner of Zoetropolis Restaurant and Local Cinema

User Experience Designer at Analytical Graphics

Senior Graphic Designer at CloudOne

Tattoo Artist

Assistant Worldbuilder at Obsidian Entertainment

Public Art Installation Artist

Graphic Designer for Citadel Federal Credit

Publishing Company Graphic Designer

Creative Director at LaunchDM

Comic and Graphic Novel Artist

Interactive Designer and User Interface Designer for Automatik

Developer at Kinectiv

Graphic Designer/Webmaster Airport Advertising Company

Art Director at Lehigh Valley Style Magazine

Visual Development Artist

Photo Editor for Shades of Light.

Graphic Designer at globalHMA

Senior Graphic Designer & Web Designer for Ethosource Office Furniture

Designer for LNP Group (Media Corporation)

President/CEO L&H Companies

Professor of Game Design Harrisburg University

Owners of Curio Art Supply Store

Product Manager for Patton Picture

Design Manager at Ceros

Vice President at SAAArchitects, Ink

Web and Marketing Specialist for URL Insurance

Professional Business Supplies

Graham Packaging Company

Visual Development Artist for Titmouse Studio

Business Owner/Designer Avery Creative Company

3D Footwear Designer at Nike

Creative and Brand Lead Alliance Health System

Brand Manager and Designer International Automotive Innovation Manufacturer

Animator at Netflix

Business Owner RockHound Apparel