Pennsylvania College of Art & Design takes an active role in ensuring the safety of its students, faculty and staff. Students at PCA&D are taught to take basic cautionary steps and use common sense, just as they would in any other urban environment. The College’s entrance is secured at all times and all external visitors to the College are required to check-in with the guard. In addition, PCA&D has day and evening security to monitor our facilities while students are in the classroom and using studio space. The College is an active member of downtown safety organizations, which employ additional police coverage in our area in the evening hours. In addition, the City’s police headquarters is located across the street from the College.

Emergency assistance:  If you have an emergency, dial 911

Safety and security guidelines can be found in:

2019 PCA&D Annual Safety & Security Report

2018 PCA&D Annual Safety & Security Report

2017 PCA&D Annual Safety & Security Report

IU_Studio_logo-1n addition, PCA&D’s UStudio offers a series of events, talks, and other opportunities for members of the PCA&D community to develop skills relating to personal safety, substance abuse prevention, healthy living and more. See below for a list of UStudio events. Learn more


PCA&D Ride Home Program

This service is for students who are working after class hours and would feel more comfortable taking a cab home instead of walking.

  • This service is free to all PCA&D BFA students.
  • Service will be available Monday through Friday from 6:45 p.m. until building closes; and Saturday from 5 p.m. until building closes.
  • The ride home service is available only within Lancaster City limits, and only to your home or apartment.  Exceptions need approval from the Dean of Students
  • Should you need a ride home, you must notify the guard at least one hour prior to your planned departure. Show the guard your ID and write your name and address on the ride home report. Security personnel
    will call a cab for you.
  • Please be ready to leave when the cab arrives at the requested time.
  • When the cab arrives, you must show your ID to the cab driver. Security personnel will sign the charge slip for the driver.

Emergency assistance: If you have an emergency, dial 911

Non-emergency assistance or information
Lancaster City Police – (717) 664-1180
Ambulance and Fire – (717) 664-1190

Resource Poster

Mental Health Services
College Advisor – (717) 396-7833, ext. 1012
Contact Lancaster Helpline – (717) 299-4855
Crisis Intervention – (717) 394-2631
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Mental Health America

FREE Crisis Text Line – Text MHA to 741-741

Health Services
Planned Parenthood – (717) 299-2891
Lancaster General Hospital – (717) 290-5511
Family First Medical Associates – (717) 299-4644
Urgent Care Lancaster – (717) 581-0538

Lancaster City Crime Statistics

Read the Lancaster City crime statistics report.