PCA&D students get involved with activities, clubs, Student Council, trips to major east-coast art centers, and more.

Professional Clubs & Events

The major departments at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design recommend that students become members of a professional organization and participate in department-sponsored events.  The following organizations and events are strongly recommended.

American Institute of Graphic Arts Student Chapter (AIGA)  Marissa Bressi ’17, President
PCA&D hosts a student chapter of the AIGA and is committed to encouraging students to take the first step in demonstrating a commitment to their professional interest and assisting them in understanding the profession. The goal of the student group is to get students involved in the local design community, create a community of their own and help them build leadership skills that will be valuable as they move into the professional world. As an AIGA student member, a student will gain access to invaluable resources and opportunities to help make the transition from student to professional designer:

• Gain exposure by posting their portfolio in the AIGA Member Gallery.
• Find jobs and internships in AIGA Design Jobs.
• Network and learn at local and national events.
• Access exclusive member benefits.

Meetings are every 2nd & 4th Tuesday at 1 pm in room 213.

PCA&D 24-hour Designathon
The 24-hour Designathon is a student AIGA group event that provides professional-quality design services at no charge to area non-profits and to the community-at-large. Students at PCA&D who participate in the Designathon gain real-world experience in creating projects for clients under a tight, 24-hour deadline. They learn that non-profits have very real marketing needs in order to be successful, and strong graphic design on well-organized collateral pieces are vital components in successful communications and marketing plans. More importantly, students experience the value of giving back to the community.  This year  the event will be held on Friday, February 24, 2017 starting at 6 pm. Eight non-profits will be selected and, from 6 p.m on February 24 to 6 p.m. on February 25, students and faculty members will work in teams to create logos, websites, brochures, posters and other material to aid in their marketing needs.

Lux – Larissa Ramey ’19, President
A photographic organization designed to create bonds between all photo majors. Together we will strive to improve our craft and to exhibit our work through independent shows. The group meets on the first and third Wednesday of the month at 7 pm in room 102.

Siggraph Student Chapter – Brittany Blair ’18, President
Associate with ACM SIGGRAPH a non-profit, volunteer organization providing world-wide and year-round programs for the computer graphics community. The values that the club is  organized around are those that they have found to define the SIGGRAPH community:  Excellence, Integrity, Passion, Volunteerism, and Cross-disciplinary Interaction.  The programs attempt to serve the various parts of this community, and reach out to other communities, to benefit all of us by promoting contact and information exchange.   Meeting time is every Friday at 5:15 pm in room 213.

Society of Illustrators Student Chapter – Walker Banninger ’18, President
The Society of Illustrators is encouraging the formation of student chapters. Several are forming around the country and Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (Lancaster, Pa.) is among the first. The goal of this group is for the students to create a community of their own to support, encourage and develop their knowledge, skill and exposure to the ever-changing field of illustration, while connecting with other student groups and professionals from across the country. Special events and exhibitions, projects and competitions, field trips and guest speakers are all benefits of student membership.  Meeting time is every Friday at 5:30 pm in room 314.

24-Hour Comics Day
24-Hour Comics Day is a 1-day event focused on illustration and celebrating the worldwide 24-Hour Comics Day phenomenon. Students and faculty from the PCA&D community will be participating as they strive to complete a print and/or web comic in 24 hours. 24-Hour Comics Day is an event held around the world, which challenges writers and artists to create a full 24-page comic in 24 consecutive hours. Thousands of artists take the 24-Hour Comics Day Challenge every year! The goal is that everything: story, design and layout, finished art, lettering, color (if applicable), paste-up, proofreading, everything is done in 24 hours. Once pen hits paper, the clock starts ticking. 24 hours later, the pen lifts off the paper, never to descend again. Participants can work on their own or collaboratively. They can also participate in non-comic events and themed workshops focusing on figure drawing, character development, marketing and self-promotion, etc.  The event will be held this year on Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Society of Photographic Education
Student members can post their work on the SPE website, have access to mailing lists of potential clients and working professionals, and attend the annual conference, where they can network directly with clients and photographers. There is ongoing access to seminars, speakers, symposia, and publications.


Student Clubs & Student Ambassador

Want to start a club?
Students must complete the Student Club/Organization Registration Form and submit to the Director of Student Life and Housing  for review. Once approved, the Office of Student Life will work with the club organizers to coordinate meeting time and place. For question contact Jane Higinbotham at (717) 396-7833 ext. 1018 or via email.

Anime Club – Brendan McGrath ’19 and David Lee ’19, Co-President
Anime Club’s goal is to spread the work of anime culture and Japanese culture. The club will screen anime, release any news about the industry, have anime-related discussions, and possibly go on trips to local conventions. We will also collaborate to attempt original projects. Meeting time is every Wednesday at 7 pm in room 404.

Art Blast – Steven Jennings ’18, President
Working together as a group to support and challenge our individual growth as artists.  The group focuses on improving individual work through participation in art challenges and learning through tutorials/memes.  Meetings are every Tuesday at 7 pm in room 506.

Bible Study – Abigail Bonett ’17, President
A time where anyone is welcome to come learn about God’s word.  There will be teachings and discussions addressing how to read the Bible.    Meeting time is every Friday at 1 pm in room 103B

Gamerz – Bailey Tice ’18, President
For those with a creative mind that like to play table top, console gaming, and pen and paper role playing games. Most games will be organized play type, but there will also be space for other games. Gaming time is every Monday at 7 pm in room 213.

PCA&D Players – TBA, President
Theater group who meet twice a month to play theater games, perform monologues and create and perform one act plays.  The players endeavor to share their love of theater with the PCA&D community through performances and participating in special events.  Meeting time is the first and third Thursday at 1 pm in room 303.

Student Council – Austin Lord ’18, President
Student Council creates and implements student involvement and opportunities in school functions and activities and supports the mission of PCA&D. Meeting time is the 2nd & 4th Thursday of every month at 1 pm in the board room.

Vulture Culture Club – Peri Penrod ’18, President & Paige Baxter ’19, Vice-President
Founded with the intent to educate those interested in the art of taxidermy and body processing.  While our main goal is sharing our stories and experiences related to the craft, we also make a point to educate members on safe and legal methods of “vulture culture”.  Meeting time is every 2nd & 4th Wednesday at 7 pm in room 406.

Yoga & Mediatation – Thabani Ndblovu ’17 & Karin Wengenroth ’17, President
Learn to manage stress and explore your individual spirituality. Bring a pillow and wear comfortable clothing. Every Friday at 6 pm in room 202

Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassadors serve as representatives of the college. They work primarily with the admissions department where they serve as guides for prospective students and their parents, art teachers, and guidance counselors. Student Ambassadors are required to attend each PCA&D open house event and provide important insight into the creative environment afforded to students in our degree programs and create an important link to prospective students who want to be part of the PCA&D community.

A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. If you are interested in the student ambassador program, please contact Julya Nichols in the admissions office.