Each year, student council officers and department representatives are elected by their peers. The entire PCA&D student body is encouraged to attend student council meetings to share ideas about how to enhance the student experience. Student Council meets during the school year every 2nd and 4th Thursday at 1 p.m. in the PCA&D board room.

Your elected 2018-2019 Student Council Officers
Marshaun Zeigler-Dumas, President
Carolyn Loftus, Vice President
Dyneisha Gross, Secretary

Student Club Presidents
Paige Baxter: Vulture Culture Club
Samantha Brooks: Table-Top Gaming Club
William Riley: Anime Club
Christopher Morris: Siggraph
Brian Fenstermacher: AIGA
Marshaun Zeigler-Dumas: SOI
Kay Baier: Sunflower Salutations Yoga
Dorlinda Benner: Gamerz
Shazeem Sueksagan: Choir
Amanda Reilly: Bible Study
Larissa Ramey: LUX
Brigitte Errickson: Fine Arts Club
Paige Baxter: PCA&D Alliance
Joey Bend & Karla Daher Urgiles: Art Market

Student Council officers are elected every year and may not succeed themselves. The term of office of each officer of the PCA&D Student Council is one calendar year, commencing on May 1 and ending April 30.

As a representative, you will serve as a liaison for students in your major with Student Council. Representatives of Student Council are entitled to one (1) vote and are required to attend monthly Student Council meetings. The term of office for each representative of the PCA&D Student Council is one calendar year, commencing in September and ending April 30.

For a copy of the Student Council Constitution click here.