Get Academic Support

PCA&D student success is the highest priority for the College.  PCA&D offers many academic support services to help students achieve their academic goals, ranging from group sessions to individualized tutoring for work in any class. All support and training resources are hosted in the Learning Commons, but led by three divisions: the Center for Teaching & Learning, the Writing Center, and Career Services. In addition to the advising process detailed by this handbook, PCA&D services include the following resources: 

The Writing Center

Writing Center services include tutoring, instruction, guided research, and the review of materials in order to strengthen writing abilities. Students can request writing tutors through the Academic Support Services Request form or by emailing writing@pcad.edu

Career Services

Career Services helps students find internship and job opportunities, tighten resumes, practice elevator pitches, and improve financial literacy through workshops or one-on-one meetings. The Office also provides programming, including Business Boot Camps – where students finesse and present their entrepreneurial ideas to a panel of “sharks,” and Career Day, where students engage in intensive study of career options and connect with employers and experts in the creative sector.  More information can be found on the Career Services webpage.

Center for Teaching & Learning Resources and Programming

Individualized support is offered for students through the Center for Teaching & Learning. Faculty Studio Mentors and Alumni Studio Mentors host drop in and sessions by appointment to support student success in the studio and classroom. More information can be found at the CTL webpage.

Tutoring and Study Tables

Students may request and schedule individualized tutoring services, or they can also drop in on Study Table sessions without making an appointment. Visit the Center for Teaching & Learning’s webpage on for more information.

Faculty and Alumni Studio Mentors

Faculty and Alumni Studio Mentors offer students expert guidance and insights regarding techniques, materials, and time management strategies and also assist students in completing incomplete work in essential courses (such as a senior studio course). Faculty Studio Mentors provide principle-based guidance in a supplemental and supporting role helping students achieve artistic growth and academic success.  Faculty are in a special position in their ability to assist students in reflecting on the relevance and importance of their program completion as it relates to the field of study and practice and supporting their professional career pathway. Alumni studio mentors are uniquely positioned to assist students in navigating hurdles encountered in skill development and also offering mentorship in understanding the student experience. These mentors are available to all students. In order to request this assistance, complete the Academic Support Services Referral form found on the Student Portal.

New Student Support

All students new to PCA&D will receive support from the Bridge Mentor, who provides early academic and onboarding support for students throughout their first year at PCA&D. The Bridge Mentor:

  • Hosts small group sessions with all incoming students to review resources with them in the first two weeks of the semester

  • Assists students with developing academic success plans through Career Services 

  • Provides resources to assist students in developing educational goals and identifying methods for achieving goals


The Center for Teaching & Learning offers workshops to all students in time management, financial literacy, professional development, and information literacy.