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High School Studies & Pre-College

HS 67 Intro to Animation$355

HS 75 Intro to Game Development$355

HS 48 Painting Wildlife: Creative Creatures$355

HS 91 Color Lab$355

WEEK I: July 8 - 12 Kids, Youth, and Middle School
WEEK II: July 15 - 19 Kids, Youth, and Middle School
WEEK III: July 22 - 26 Kids, Youth, and Middle School

YS 11-03 Young Artist Academy for Grades 1.2.3$200

YS 12-03 Young Artist Academy II for Grades 4.5$200

Personal Enrichment & Adult Studio Courses

SM 105 Content Creation$475

DES 151 Adobe Illustrator$475

DES 150 Design Principles & Typography$475

CE 169 Oil Painting for Beginners to Intermediate$195

CE 308 Practical Printmaking: Screen & Lino for the Home Studio$195


WS 117 Healing the Creative Body: Reiki & Meditation Workshop$65

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