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Board of Trustees

Audry Carter, Chair
Russell D. Urban, Vice-Chair
Robert A. Brandt, Jr., Past Chair

Spike Brant
Linda King Brown
Matt Buckwalter
Joe Byorick
Megan Caruso
Richard Gray
Margaret L. Hazlett
Patrick S.  Hopkins
Stephen Leaman
Lisa Riggs
Peter Scudner
Abigail Stewart
James D. Warner
Crystal Weaver
PCA&D Leadership

Michael Molla, President
Debbie Bazarsky, PhD, Dean of Enrollment, Engagement, and Diversity
Jessica Edonick, Dean of Students
Carissa Massey, PhD, Provost
Jonelle Matthews, Director of Finance and Administration
Daina Savage, Director of Strategic Communications
Todd Snovel, Director of Development and Strategic Initiatives

Admissions For information on open houses, portfolio reviews, scheduling tours or interviews, application deadlines, or any other question related to our BFA degree programs.
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Center for Creative Exploration To find out about classes for youth, teens and adults, credit and non-credit classes, workshops, and certificate programs.
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Giving to PCA&D: Contact us with questions about how to give, gift & estate planning, donor recognition, and recurring giving.
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Alumni: Send us your news!
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Media or bloggers: contact Public Relations to connect with on-campus experts on a variety of subjects, communicate the college’s stances on major issues facing art, design, and higher education; stories about PCA&D, faculty, students, alumni, the college’s programs and initiatives and to disseminate news information to the on-campus community.
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Contact PCA&D staff via the email addresses and phone numbers listed below.



Name Email Title Phone Ext.
Michael Molla Email Michael Molla President x 1011
Amy Gaston Email Amy Gaston Executive Assistant to the President x 1020
Todd Snovel Email Todd Snovel Director of Development and Strategic Initiatives x 1010
Jason Hartz Email Jason Hartz Coordinator of Institutional Research x 1088
Debbie Bazarsky Email Debbie Bazarsky Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion x 1032
Jenn Renko Email Jenn Renko Director of Enrollment and Admissions x 1022
Rebecca Adey Email Rebecca Adey Assistant Director of Admission x 1027
Julya Nichols Email Julya Nichols Admissions Counselor x 1057
Osmyn Oree Email Osmyn Oree Admissions Counselor x 1039
Jose Garcia Email Jose Garcia Admissions Marketing Coordinator x 1090
Fiona Fackler Email Fiona Fackler Admissions Office and Data Manager x 1035
Natalie Lascek Email Natalie Lascek Director of the Center for Creative Exploration x 1036
Tyler Barton Email Tyler Barton Center for Creative Exploration Program Coordinator x 1019
Jessica Edonick Email Jessica Edonick Dean of Students x 1012
Jeff Bingeman Email Jeff Bingeman Director of Student Life x 1018
Jessica Steigelman Email Jessica Steigelman Coordinator of Student Life x 1081
Carissa Massey Email Carissa Massey Provost x 1049
J. David Hershey Email J. David Hershey Director of Financial Aid x 1013
Christopher Wagenheim Email Christopher Wagenheim Registrar & Career Success Advisor x 1099
Jonelle Matthews Email Jonelle Matthews Director of Finance and Administration x 1015
Jack McCoy Email Jack McCoy Disbursements & Benefits Coordinator x 1034
Lisa Good Email Lisa Good Bursar x 1016
Alana Coates Email Alana Coates Director of Exhibitions x 1079
Mariah Postlewait Email Mariah Postlewait  Director of the Center for Teaching & Learning x 1021
Daina Savage Email Daina Savage Director of Strategic Communications x 1017
Jen Kopf Email Jen Kopf Digital & Social Media Manager x 1087
Alex Leonhart Email Alex Leonhart IT Team Lead x 1095
Nathan Trone Email Nathan Trone IT Infrastructure Support Specialist x 1050
Hylon Plumb Email Hylon Plumb Database & System Administration x 1078
Dan Freiler Email Dan Freiler Facilities Manager x 1023
Terry Herr Email Terry Herr Maintenance Supervisor x 1041