Atten-TION! PCA&D students, alumni invited to sign up for Nov. 20 Business Bootcamp

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Tuesday, November 9th, 2021

Plenty of art students dream of turning their passion into a business.
The knowledge of how to accomplish that, though, isn’t always easy to attain. Instead of “flying blind” toward that goal, it helps to have a strategy, feedback, and guidance that will help boost chances of success.

Holly Mosher

That’s the premise behind PCA&D’s upcoming Business Bootcamp, a free one-day event that’s open to both current students and alumni.
Business Bootcamp is not only a chance to think strategically about a business plan, it’s also an opportunity to get valuable feedback from experienced business owners — feedback that, in turn, can strengthen attendees’ own plans and possibilities.
“Business can apply to any field of study,” notes PCA&D business instructor Holly Mosher, who will lead Business Bootcamp. And knowing how to evaluate, retool, launch, and follow through on your own business plan is an invaluable lesson.
Each segment of the bootcamp builds logically on what came before. The day is a mix of lecture, student work, and “Shark Tank-like” pitches to a panel of business owners, Mosher says.
Business Bootcamp
Saturday, Nov. 20, 10 am to 4:30 pm
Free to PCA&D students and alumni
In person and online
Register here
Mosher will lecture that morning on each portion of the business plan. Participants will complete templates to update their business idea, their marketing plan, their executive summary or pitch, their business resumé, and their financials to start the business. In the afternoon, each participant will pitch their idea to a panel of business industry owners. Their presentations will lead to feedback on their overall ideas and will garner suggestions for enhancing the business plans.
“We thought this was a good way to engage students in the (PCA&D) business minor,” Mosher says, “and to understand what the takeaways could be from this in a one-day event.”
Participants don’t have to be able to attend in person to participate, Mosher notes. The College’s Center for Teaching & Learning will set up Zoom links so that virtual attendees also can participate.
“You can create a business out of your passion,” Mosher says.  “I would like (participants) to understand that there are many resources in the area that can help them start out.”
The deadline for PCA&D students and alumni to register for Business Bootcamp is Wednesday, Nov. 17. Sign up here.