Fine Art senior Brittany Lare wins Demuth Foundation award

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Thursday, February 4th, 2021

The senior Fine Art students’ recent online exhibition hosted by Lancaster Museum of Art, Things Left Unsaid, has resulted in a special award for one of the artists.

The Demuth Foundation, which operates Lancaster Museum of Art, recently announced Brittany Lare ’21, Fine Art, as winner of its Artistic Impact Award for her crocheted diptych 1950 and 1980, recently featured in the virtual exhibition. The exhibition was sponsored by Nick and Jean Selch.

The award, says Abby Baer, Executive Director of Demuth Foundation, is in “recognition of creatively expressing ideas and concepts that evoke public dialogue online and deepen understanding.”

In her artist statement for the competition, Lare said: These two pieces are the start of a collection of scarves that is going to track temperature change locally in Pennsylvania. I chose the City of Philadelphia to track the temperatures over the years because it is close to where I live and makes this project more personal. These are also showing a dark humor because of what they are. As the temperature gets warmer the less, we will need items such as these crocheted scarves. As the collection grows it will be interesting to see how clear the change in temperature has been since 1950.”

"1950 and 1980" by Brittany Lare '21, Fine Art, recently won an Artistic Impact Award from Lancaster Museum of Art.

“1950 and 1980” by Brittany Lare ’21, Fine Art.