Senior PHV majors debut ‘Amorphous Reflections’ video installation

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Monday, November 28th, 2022

Senior Photography & Video majors at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design (PCA&D) in downtown Lancaster will be turning Chestnut Street into a viewing space Dec. 1-3 for a class public video installation. Viewable by evening passersby in the windows of the College at the intersection of Chestnut and Prince streets, Amorphous Reflections is a compilation of student projects from the Emerging Lens-Based Technologies class at PCA&D. 

The installation explores how abstraction can push and drive a narrative. The students have explored projection mapping and creating lens filters before returning to video production, says Prof. Troy Holleman. In this final project the students, all seniors, “utilized more advanced features of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to create their respective visions,” Holleman says.  

Films in the installation are the work of senior Photography & Video majors Alex Eggleston, Emily Hornberger, Mark Shyshkovskyy, Olivia Koziel, Rachel O’Brien, and Sabrina Worthington. 

“Amorphous Reflections”, installation by the senior Photography & Video majors of Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. Viewable Thursday, Dec. 1 through Saturday, Dec. 3, from 6-10 pm in the Chestnut Street windows of Pennsylvania College of Art & Design.