Teaching & Learning Center hosting free 2-day workshop for educators

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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021

After a year of rapidly changing demands in the field of education, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design is hosting a free, online, two-day workshop for educators at both the K-12 and college level. Under the direction of PCA&D’s Center for Teaching & Learning, the June 17-18 event features speakers who are experts in the field of adapting instruction for neurodiverse learners and varied learning styles, and in supporting the mental and physical well-being of students.

Click here to register. To learn more, please contact Mariah Postlewait, Director of the PCA&D Center for Teaching & Learning, at mpostlewait@pcad.edu.

The lineup of presenters and topics includes:

Ellie Cochran: PCA&D Center for Creative Exploration Faculty. Topic: Using Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to stream live content.

Dawn Cox: Physical therapist: Topic: A Physical Therapist’s Perspective on Wellness Tips and Postural Strategies for Teachers and Students in Today’s Tech Classroom

Jessica Edonick: PCA&D Dean of Students. Topic: Reflecting, Redistributing & Redefining Learning.

Amy Faust: Franklin & Marshall College learning specialist. Topic: Demystifying the Learner: Neurodiversity, Executive Function, & Learning Interference.

William Illingworth: Instructional Designer, The Center for Teaching Excellence, Penn State University. Topic: Inviting Our Students Back with Engagement Practices.

Wynne Kinder: Educator and author, owner of Wellness Works in Schools. Topic: Mindful Practices for Wellbeing.

Courtney Plotts: National Chair, Council for At-Risk Student Education and Professional Standards. Topic: Why DIY cultural responsiveness? The Art and Design of Effective Cultural Responsiveness.

Debbie Ribera: Educator, therapist, nonprofit CEO, California State University Los Angeles. Topic: Fostering Mental Wellness in the Classroom.

Dr. Alaina Tackitt: Department of English, University of South Florida. Topic: Scaffolding Reading to Support Student Success.

Jeremy Vaughn: PCA&D Foundation faculty and Director of Part-Time BFA Programs.  Topic: The White Noise That Organizes Us.

Douglas Witmer: Artist. Topic: Creating an Artwork Inventory Database Using Airtable.

This virtual Teaching & Learning series is open to all educators. It will include online demonstrations, workshops, and time for participant discussion and questions. The aim is to create opportunities not only for instruction but also for conversation and collective, creative problem-solving.