The Write Way: Fall Courses with Erin Dorney

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Wednesday, September 11th, 2019

Instructor Erin Dorney is a freelance writer and marketing consultant working with advertising agencies and small businesses, as well as individual clients, to help with marketing strategies and copywriting. She is also the co-founder of Fear No Lit, a literary organization that hosts writing workshops and events. Erin will be teaching Creative Literary Explorations for Artists & Writers, Writing About: Art & You, and Make & Take: Zines for us this fall. Erin comes to us from a rural town along Lake Ontario in upstate/western New York where there were lots of apple farms, tons of lake-effect snow, and cornfields aplenty. Now she is settled into Lancaster City and creating inventive and powerful experiences in writing and literature for PCAD and our greater community. Read on to find out more about Erin and her classes.

What is your educational background?

ED: I have a dual bachelor’s degree in Communication/Journalism and English – Creative Writing from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, NY. After college, I earned my master’s degree in Library & Information Studies from Syracuse University. I also have a master’s degree in Creative Writing from West Chester University.

Tell us more about the classes you are teaching this fall:

ED: I’m teaching one 6-week class and two one-off workshops through the Continuing Education program this fall.

The 6-week class, Creative Literary Explorations for Artists & Writers, is basically a crash course introduction to creative writing. We’re going to write every day, talk about building a practice of creative writing, explore art projects that incorporate text (i.e. Jessy Nite), learn how to edit work and be a good literary advocate, and explore the world of publishing.

Come to this class if…

  • you’re a writer who wants to create more work and brush up on your skills
  • you like writing poetry, short stories, or essays and want to take things to the next level
  • you maybe want to write a book someday
  • you’re an artist who doesn’t normally do creative writing but wants to learn about something different/new

I’m particularly excited about Writing About: Art & You on October 11. For this workshop, we’ll be learning more about ekphrastic writing (writing in response to art) and exploring the Art & You exhibition in PCAD’s main gallery. The show features artwork by Antonius-Tin Bui & Cupid Ojala that is going to be really fun to explore deeper through stream-of-consciousness writing. 

Come to this class if…

  • you want to generate some new writing based on intriguing prompts and rad art (sharing is always optional!)

And on November 4 I’m teaching a 3-hour workshop called Make &Take: Zines. Zines (short for magazines) are handmade, self-published works that often contain unique content and perspectives not often found in mainstream media or books. In the workshop we’ll learn more about the history of zines, look at a bunch together, and then learn how to fold, bind, and conceptualize our own. My goal is to have each student leave with at least one finished zine, if not two. 

Come to this class if…

  • you like to make things with your hands
  • you want to publish and share your own little book (or just make it and keep it for yourself)

What do you do for fun when you’re not teaching/working?

ED: I’m marketing manager at Lemon Street Market, so I have lots of access to fresh, local food. I love to cook and try out new recipes. You might see me at the dog park with my dachshund Petey or at an Art Family meet-up around town.