Pre-College Summer Session 1 – Introduction to Figure Drawing

HS 4 : 

1 credit – in person

  • Dates: July 8 – 19
  • Times: 6 – 9 PM
  • Meetings: 10
  • Days: Monday – Friday
  • Instructor: Leah Limpert Walt


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Start from the ground up and gain the skills to build accurate and beautiful figure drawings. Different approaches to starting a drawing, proper proportions, gesture, rhythm, materials, and methods of modeling the form are all covered and expanded on in this course. Students should expect to complete the course with more knowledge about drawing media, technique, and composition as well.

** This course occasionally utilizes a nude model.

This is a credit-bearing class and grades will be given. Please check the supply list tab for materials needed to complete this class.

This course must meet minimum enrollment by July 1 in order to run. Register today! 

Supply List

  • 18”x 24” pad of drawing paper at least 80 lb (300 or 400 series)
  • 18”x 24” Drawing Board
  • Sepia/Sanguine pencils or conte
  • Willow/vine charcoal
  • Charcoal sticks or pencils
  • Graphite pencils: 4H,2H,HB,4B,6B
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Mechanical eraser
  • Plastic eraser
  • pencil sharpener
  • Sand paper 150 grit
  • Artist’s tape
  • Paper Blending Stump
  • Sketchbook for notes
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