Taylor Richardson

Animation & Game Art, BFA

Art History & Visual Culture, General Humanities, Creative Writing
Our Footprints. Our Legacy.
Taylor Richardson is an environment artist who specializes in foliage for video games and animation. She utilizes her strong background in 3D modeling and texture painting to create industry-standard assets. “Daybreak” is a single-level computer game that displays all corners of her skillset and was a year-and-a-half- long exercise in world-building and level design. Details and connectivity are key to making a world come alive as well as catching interest, “Daybreak” exists to make you take a deeper look and appreciate the small things around you.

Taylor is an active member of the PCA&D community. She worked at the Learning Commons circulation desk as well as working for Housing as a Community Assistant for three years where she planned and hosted community-building events to engage students in college life. Taylor has been an active member of PCA&D’s ACM SIGGRAPH student chapter for four years as well as holding the Vice Chair and Chair position.