Printmaking: Social Justice Poster Design with Jared Shuey

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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

Interested in screen printing, explorations in typography, and room to share your passions? Join us in the print studio for our Printmaking: Social Justice Poster Design course this fall on Monday nights starting October 14. We’re excited to introduce you to instructor Jared Shuey. Jared is a graphic designer and graduate of Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. Originally from Northampton, Pennsylvania, Jared relocated to Lancaster City after transferring to PCA&D from Northampton Area Community College. We had a chat with Jared about his class and his life and work design.

Tell us about your current professional work:

JS: I’m currently working as a freelance graphic designer where I have multiple recurring clients. I’ve done a lot of work for various local Democratic candidates for the upcoming 2019 elections; you’ve probably seen a lot of my yard signs around Lancaster City. I was part of this year’s Lancaster Pridecommittee. There I worked on the branding & messaging team where I helped to create various social media graphics, merchandise, and advertisements. I’m also a full-time freelance graphic designer for high-end baby stroller company, Nuna Essentials. There I work with the design team color-correcting photos for all their web/print materials. 

Tell us a bit more about your class:

JS: I am teaching a social justice poster-making class which uses printmaking. In Printmaking: Social Justice Poster Design, we will discuss the history of iconic political posters and the positive or negative effects they have on society. Students will be encouraged to create their own message around something that they feel passionate about and bring that message to life through printmaking. Students will learn the whole process of how to prepare and utilize a silk screen and will make multiple copies of their pieces.

What are you most excited about this semester?

JS: I’m excited to see what everyone will create! There have been so many new movements emerging around the globe and we, as artists, have a lot of power in conveying messages through our work to help create change. 

What are some of the most important takeaways that prospective students should know about your class?

JS: The one thing I want students to take away is the importance of their voice. Change will happen the more we use our voices to educate the world on pressing issues in society. Conveying our voices visually is a great way to leave a long lasting impression on all those who observe it and the conversations they create. 

What do you do for fun when you’re not teaching/working?

JS: I love socializing and spending time with my friends and family. Living in Lancaster City, there are a million places to experience and I enjoy sharing that with others. I’d like to think I’m an interior designer and love thrifting/antiquing items to better curate my home. Lancaster is also home to some of the best antique stores and small shops to help me with that hobby.