Stormers baseball chooses 5 Graphic Design finalists for new ballcap design

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Friday, March 1st, 2024

Prof. Pam Barby’s juniors capped off a Graphic Design classroom assignment with a collaboration that will ultimately be sported by fans of the Lancaster Stormers, the locally based Atlantic League baseball team. 

Warren Burke.

It’s a new design for a ballcap to be sold in the team’s Clipper Stadium store. 

Five finalists were chosen from designs from all 14 of the students, with honors going to Aiyana AlvaradoLeslie BoschWarren BurkeBahir Harris, and Maddie Reynolds.  Their designs go up for a vote on all of the team’s social media platforms, with the winner’s design being turned into an official piece of Stormer merchandise. 


Bahir Harris.

“The goal,” says Prof. Barby, “was to create a baseball cap that would appeal to families and the younger generation, representing the community of Lancaster and baseball. As is often the case when working with outside clients, there was a need for careful analysis and understanding. 

“The students used design thinking tools such as mind maps, sources of inspiration, and peer-to-peer critique to arrive at the best solutions in the end.”

Aiyana Alvarado.

After presenting their designs to Samantha Biastre, the Stormers’ senior account executive and team store coordinator, the five finalists were chosen by the Stormers’ management team. Criteria used were based upon the guidelines given to the students, as well as what the management team could foresee selling well in the team store. 

This is the second ballcap collaboration between PCA&D Graphic Design students and the Stormers, Biastre says. Back in 2021 Grace Keefe ’22, Graphic Design, was the winner of the first such partnership

Leslie Bosch.

“We have noticed since the last collaboration such an uptick in our younger fan base here at the stadium, so we had wanted to have a hat for sale in the team store that appealed to that demographic and that also brought a new spin on the Stormers as well as making sure that Lancaster County was also incorporated into the design,” Biastre says. 

During their presentations earlier in February, Biastre thanked all the students for their hard work and said afterward that the Stormers are very appreciative of the partnership with the College. 

Maddie Reynolds.

The winning design will be chosen in enough time for production to take place and for it to appear in the team store on Opening Night, April 30.