Introduction to Zine Making Workshop

WS 121 : 

non-credit – in person

  • Dates: June 26
  • Times: 6 – 9 PM
  • Meetings: 1
  • Days: Wednesday
  • Instructor: Rachel Yinger


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A zine, short for magazine, is a small, self-published book that anyone can create about any topic they’re interested in. In this workshop, you will create your own zine while learning about the history of self-publication being used for social justice movements. You will be encouraged to draw, write, and/or collage to create your zine. At the end of the workshop, you will have the opportunity to exchange some of the zines you and your classmates created with one another.

This course must meet minimum enrollment by May 25 in order to run. Register today! 


  • Required:
    • Ideas about what you’d like to create a zine about!
    • Materials for note-taking
  • Recommended: 
    • Collage materials (some will be provided)
    • Colored 8.5 x 11 paper (white paper will be provided, some colors may be available)
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