Meet the 2022 Orientation Leaders

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Friday, August 19th, 2022

Some of the first faces a new PCA&D student meets when they arrive on campus are those of our Orientation Leaders. Part guide, part cheerleader, an OL not only takes the student through their first activities, they’ll also serve as a sounding board and guide as the semester gets underway. Here’s a glimpse at the nine juniors and seniors serving as OLs for the 2022 incoming class of Foundation and transfer students:

Paige Alana

Major: Graphic Design ’23

Fond PCA&D memory: Foundation year trip to the Met. 

Favorite work of art: The Banality of the Banality of Evil, Banksy. 

Veronica Camp

Major: Illustration ’23

Fond PCA&D memory: My fondest memories are either the Halloween party in 2019 (I built up a lot of friendships and it was just a good time being weird) or just after hours in general when I’m doing homework with a friend who is working in the library/photo lab. I have a couple friends that work in the school and they often have late suits. Being in the school at night can be productive, but also fun!

Favorite work of art: My favorite work of art that I’ve created is definitely a circus pattern set I made, and I got to put it on a real pair of shoes!

Gray Ford

Major: Illustration ’24

Fond PCA&D memory: I’ll never forget the time Evan Kitson made us take turns deciding what items to put up on display to paint. We playfully argued over a bucket’s position, kept slightly adjusting everything, and by the time it was over, everyone just kinda laughed about it all.

Favorite artwork: The first is my own work, titled “Ringleader” (2022). The second is Untitled (Creature) by Zdzislaw Beksinski.

Cleo Kendrick

Major: Graphic Design, Minor: Business in the Creative Industry ’24

Fond PCA&D memory: Lunch breaks in the Art Garden whether hanging with friends or taking some time to myself.

Favorite work of art: Gil Elvgren’s Gay Nymph, oil on canvas, 1947

Emily Moyer

Major: Fine Art ‘23

Fond PCA&D memory: Meeting my friends for the first time and then throughout our years always eating lunch together whether it was on campus or in the art garden. The PCA&D community was so welcoming and it made small moments the most effective.

Favorite work of art: My favorite work of art is hard to say, I pull a lot of inspiration from different pieces and they each hold a special place in my heart. I do particularly enjoy Monet’s paintings. 

9-grid showing headshots of college students

2022 Orientation Leaders, top, left, to right, Gray Ford, Mak Sherrid, Cleo Kendrick; middle, Emily Moyer, Kendall White, Paige Alana; bottom, Veronica Camp, Josh Samuelson, Alex Serna.


Josh Samuelson

Major: Illustration ’23

Fond PCA&D Memory: Getting to help introduce new students to PCA&D during the Summer of 2021.

Favorite work of art: Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights

Alex Serna

Major: Graphic Design ’23

Fond PCA&D Memory: Break dancing at the 2021 Halloween party. 

Favorite painting: Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, 1495

Mak Sherrid

Major: Illustration; Minor: Business in the Creative Industry ’24

Fond Memory: My favorite memory from Foundation year specifically was in one drawing class with Professor (Matt Allyn) Chapman. The professors here are so supportive, and I remember getting so frustrated over a drawing and he walked over to me and told me “Mess it up. Make a mess and try and work off that,” and all my stress went away scribbling and spreading charcoal around. I was no longer worried about what I drew previously. I let loose. It’s one of the best pieces of advice I have gotten at PCA&D thus far. It’s OK to have things look a little hazy at first, maybe messy too. Both in artwork and in life you’ll always find a way out of the fog. It’s OK for things not to be perfect. Art school is anything but perfect. It’s unique, a great challenge, and a wonderful opportunity.

Kendall White

Major: Illustration; Minor: Art History Minor ’23

Fond PCA&D Memory: In my Foundation year, we did a 24-hour Comic Day in which we stayed at the school for 24 hours and created comics. It was so fun to work and be at the school after dark while being sleep deprived with friends! Although I remember being tired a majority of the time, we did sneak out of the building for a McDonald’s run.

Favorite work of art: My favorite classical piece has to be Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix. Favorite illustration is Closer Than You Thought by Little Thunder.