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You learn more than how to make art. You learn how to be an artist.

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Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

A bachelor of fine arts degree (BFA) is the standard, professional degree for those seeking an education in the visual arts. Our students begin their journey in our Foundation Year program. Here you’ll focus on essential skills and concepts that propel you toward success in your major and arm you with conceptual, craft, critical thinking, research and problem-solving skills that will sustain you throughout your life as an artist and maker. As you do high-level work in the studio, you’re also learning how to identify and produce your best ideas supported by our Liberal Arts department. You’ll be challenged to think critically and gather inspiration to draw upon when progressing through one of the five majors.


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Communication is Valuable

Because visual, verbal, and virtual communication is increasingly valued in a global society, our curriculum emphasizes the relationships among thinking, making, and communicating. PCA&D’s learning experience teaches students adaptive thinking techniques and effective making skills that result in a deliberate and influential artistic voice. We transform our students by challenging them to cultivate expansive points-of-view and create sophisticated visual output.

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